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Solar Charge Control Unit

Solar Charge Control Unit, which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge are the essential components of solar systems. FIELDMASTER introduces professional solar charge control units using the most innovative and state-of-the-art charge controllers, which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge.

Our solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology, so that as the battery reaches full charge, the PWM pulses slower, gradually tapering off the charge. Pulsing is good for the batteries since it gently mixes the electrolyte, preventing stratification and sulfation. Low voltage disconnect protects the batteries from severe discharge by shutting off loads before the battery voltage drops to damaging levels.

Temperature compensation adjusts the set point voltages according to the ambient temperature.

  • Excellent charging algorithm.
  • Temperature compensated set points.
  • Adequate protections and indications.
  • Negligible voltage drops.
  • Self consumption less than 5mA.
  • Offers long life to batteries
  • Non-corrosive terminals.


Technical Specifications:



Operating temperature -10°C to 65ºC
Storage temperature -10°C to 85ºC
Charge controller type Micro controller based
Charging type Two step series PWM charging algorithm
Battery temperature compensation -3mV to -4mV/°C/cell
Solar Module size (Max.) 90Wp
Indications Charging, Low Battery, Full Charge



Nominal system voltage 12V-DC
Charging current 6A
Load current 6A
Charge controller efficiency >95%
Idle consumption <5mA
Protections Mechanical Fixing Case Against module reverse current flow, reverse battery and overload, short circuit, under and over voltage, under and over temperature



Fixing Wall mounting with screws
Case Injection molded engineering plastic
Connectors Heavy duty terminal connectors
Size in MM 115X100X40
Weight 0.18Kg

Lightning Diverter Kit

Lightning diverter will be provided to protect the Energizers from stray lightning. Lightning can cause serious damage to the Energizer. When lightning strikes close to or directly on Solar Fencing, it causes a massive surge in voltage which flows back to the Energizer to find the quickest path to earth.

  • Lightning choke coil
  • Adjustable spark gap
  • Re-usable

Lightning Arrester Fuse

  • Made of high grade porcelain helps protect fence energizer from damage caused by lightning
  • Contains lighting arrestor, connector clamps, ground clamps and mounting screws
  • Re-usable