Metal Component

Solar PV Module Stand / Hardware

Solar pv module stands / mounting structures for installing the solar PV modules. The stands are fabricated from steel plates, angles and profiles. After fabrication the solar pv module stands are hot dip galvanized to protect them from the environment. We offer both fixed module stand type and manually adjustable angle type stands has the right infrastructure to manufacture and supply large numbers of customized stands / mounting structures for installing the solar PV modules at competitive prices.

Fence Post / Pole – Wire + Galvenised Post

CORNER POLE : 40 TO 50 OD B class GI Pipe ISI marked of AS PER DESIGN length

INTERMIDIATE POLE: 25-40 OD B class GI Pipe ISI marked as per design length

SUPPORT POLE : 25-40 OD B class GI Pipe ISI marked as per design length

HARDWARE : Galvenised

Permanent Wire Tightener

Made with specially UV sterilized aluminum alloy and designed for 33KV operations.
Features Involved :

  • Long life.
  • Rated for 33KV operations.
  • UV Stabilized
  • Made with special aluminum.
  • Strong, lightweight and rust resistant construction
  • Comes with heavily galvanized steel wire clip
  • The large number of clip positions allows correct wire tension to be obtained
  • Can be used to join wires
  • Ideal for straining old fences and for tension trellising wires

Tension Spring

It is made up of special grade spring steel and is heavily galvanized (Class-3/Rust Proof) 230g/m² for rust proof operating and long run functioning of the system.
Features Involved :

  • Used with in-line strainer to indicate tension of fence wire.
  • Maintain tension when fence wire expands during hot weather.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized (Class-3/Rust Proof) 230g/m² for long life

Gate Spring

It has a large diameter spring made up of special grade spring steel that expands to 15 to 20 feet then retracts to 2 feet when the gate is open. The stainless steel-coated spring is more visible and is corrosion resistant. Visibility, easy installation and the versatility of gate sizes make these a great value.

Joint Clamp

All the interconnections on the solar fencing are made with the help of joint clamps. They are heavily galvanized (Rust Proof) of more than 230g/m² for long lasting.

joinig clamps

Inline Wire Tightener

The inline hot-dip galvanized wire tightener is best suited for lower tension solar fencing’s and wall top model solar fencing’s, using up-to 4MM wire.
Features Involved :

  • Strong galvanized steel ribbed rust-resistant frame holds a tapered die cast aluminium spool designed for ease of starting and wire alignment
  • Two extra teeth on spool provide easier wire tightening action and control, requiring less clip turning to hook into next tooth
  • Increased spool hub thickness provides extra strength to accommodate using up to 4MM thickness fence wire
  • Easy to use upside down
  • High quality spring loaded locking clip
  • Clip-Lock operates with a smooth “Clicking” action in any position
  • Works on high tensile wire

permanent wire tightner

Super Earth Kit

Contains bentonite and salt to improve soil conductivity around earth rod stainless steel rod for long life.
Features Involved :

  • Provides effective earthing (grounding), particularly in difficult or poor earthing soils (E.g.: sandy, pumice, stoney, ash)
  • The salt attracts the moisture and the absorbent clay holds moisture and increases the conductivity of surrounding soil
  • One Super-Earth-Kit™ is equivalent to three conventional earth stakes
  • Kit contains: Salt approx. 2kg (4½ lb), Absorbent clay approx. 4kg (9lb), Galvanized Earth Clamp, Stainless steel rod.

Reel Insulator Clamp

It is used to make joint between the fencing intermediate posts to reel insulator for riveting the reel insulator of fencing wire etc. It’s a positive locking mechanism. The clamps are coated with galvanizing of more than 230gsm.

reel insulator

S-Hook & Z-Hook

It is used to make joints between the fencing corner posts to corner posts insulator for hook the strain insulators of fencing wire etc. It’s a positive locking mechanism. The clamps are hot dip galvanizing of more than 280gsm.

s and z hookss and z hooks