High Voltage Testers & Lights

Digital Volt Meter

The high voltage generated by the energizer is measured with the help of Digital Volt Meter (DVM)..
Features :

  • The Digital Volt Meter (DVM) reads the voltage of energizers.
  • Earth stake for ease of ground connection.
  • Fence stud for quick, no fuss contact with fence.
  • Powered by a 9V battery with a life of 12 months.
  • Displays fence voltage from 100V to 10KV in 100 volt increments.
  • Activated when fence pulse is detected.
  • Auto turn-on indication.
  • Display to show low battery condition.
  • Innovative micro-computer technology.
  • Useful to check earth performance.
  • Protective pouch included.

Neon Tester

Five-Neon-Light graduated solar fencing Neon-Tester actually shows how many volts are at the charges or on the fence live line. Voltages are plainly marked on the casing: 0.0 to 1.5KV, 1.6KV to 3.5KV, 3.6KV to 5.5KV, 5.6 to 7.5KV and 7.6 KV to 9.9KV.
Features :

  • 5 highly visible neon indicator lights show approximate voltage readings.
  • Manufactured from tough and durable ABS plastic.
  • Galvanized spring steel wire earth stake.
  • Handy pocket clip.

Live Light

Hangs on the fence live wire and flashes with the rhythm of the electric pulses. Can be seen in the dark from a considerable distance to show the fence is working. The constant flash does help to deter and un-nerve predators so acts as a deterrent. If the fence voltage drops below 3.0KV the light will stop flashing.
Features :

  • A warning device that tells you in a flash your fence is operating.
  • Voltage indication from a distance.
  • Visible from 1,000Metres at night.
  • With a fence voltage of approximately 3.0KV or more the Live Light will flash with every energizer pulse.
  • If the fence voltage drops below 3.0KV it will flash intermittently or not at all in severe cases.
  • Tight connections and a good earth are required for best flash intensity from any energizer.
  • If incorrectly connected the Live Light will operate dimly.

Stop Light

An invaluable alarm for showing when there has been a drop in the voltage through the fence wires. This small, lightweight unit simply clips into the fence wires and the red light will flash if the voltage drops below the correct level (2.0KV). It also serves to remind you, from a distance, whether the fence is on or not.

It has an off switch, and a High and Low switch depending on the type of fence it is monitoring. We recommend using the high setting.

Fence Voltage Alarm Siren Light


  • Dual strobes give high visibility red flashing lights.
  • Rain proof.
  • High impact housing
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Simple connection to the Fence Voltage Alarm/Dual Zone Fence Voltage Alarm
  • Supplied with 5Mtrs. of silk cable